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Water damage services

Spotless Water Restoration Services in Canberra. reaches you at the earliest to inspect and fix any kind of water damage issues in your property. The moment you notice the first signs of water damage in your residential or commercial space it’s best not to delay to avert long-term damage. Our range of flood restoration services in Australia includes fixing flood damage, ceiling damage, roof leaks, wet floors, leakage from bathrooms, leaking pipes, leakage from slabs, pipe bursts, and draining sewage effectively.


Carpet Cleaning

Restore your carpets to their former glory with the best carpet cleaning services. It can completely renovate your carpet making it seem brand-new. Sometimes cleaning is just not enough. Carpet repair transforms your carpet by repairing damages like cuts, frays, stains, wear & tear, and even getting rid of odors. Sometimes the carpets need a lot more than cleaning to bring back the lost shine. Carpet repair is the most affordable solution in that case.

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Equipment hire & installation

Do you want to try out ta equipment first before purchasing it for life? Then we have the perfect solution for you. You can hire equipment from us at cheap prices and also don’t need to worry about any repair or maintenance costs. You can now get the equipment you need and get it installed by professionals completely hassle-free.

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Structural & timber drying

Unexpected leakage and floods can cause water damage along with harming your timber furniture and floors. Water is timber’s worst enemy and must be fixed at the earliest to avoid the complete replacement of timber floors and furniture. Our timber drying services entail advanced professional machinery to cover any length of timber floor with absolute precision and expertise.


Thermal camera & leak detection

Using thermal vision camera technology is an affordable and effective way for water leak detection in residential or commercial places to keep all hazards away. Even in complete darkness and over a distance of over 100 meters it is capable of detecting any leaks or growing impending danger. It helps you avert life-threatening dangers from any electric appliances or leaks early on.

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Odor Control

Our professional certified experts use high-end odour control devices and products to detect the root cause of the odour and get rid of it right from the source. Our expert cleaners deep cleanse, disinfects and deodorize your commercial and residential places to get rid of any kind of foul-smelling odours. Our special odour spray for houses sucks out any kind of bad odour and makes your house feel and smell fresh.

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Hospital Grade Hepa Air Filtration

Boost your immune system by filtering out about 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and dust particles from your residential and commercial space. Now avail medical grade air filtration services from us at affordable prices. We use high-end technology for optimal results. We equip HEPA 14 filters as we never compromise regarding the health of our customers. It is widely effective against COVID-19 germs too.

Mould remediation

Spotless cleaning works through constructive strategies for  Mould remediation. The professional experts’ plan identifies, gets rid and prevents its growth in future. Proper inspection of your property is done by our pest inspectors with a detailed report and based on that several strategies are formed and then those plans are executed and get rid of its growth.

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Rug & Contents restoration

Water damage can greatly harm your valuables beyond repairs. But don’t worry we got you covered we use advanced techniques and tools to restore all kinds of rugs and contents at your place in a cost-effective way. Our professional experts have the right expertise and experience to restore your place back to how it originally was with absolute precision and care. We are swift at our work and dry wet carpets prevent further damage. We provide premium rug cleaning and restore your place completely.

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sewage cleanup

We have years of experience in cleaning houses to perfection. We have the right amount of expertise and experience in clearing sewage blockages too. We inspect and formulate strategies to stop any kind of sewage overflow .toillet backflow, septic tank overflow, sewage pipe leaks and overflow, and sewage blocked drains. We have had 100% customer satisfaction for years and we deliver services with absolute diligence.

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Storm damage restoration

Storms can cause great damage to your property with the breaking of trees, electricity supplies getting cut off and a lot more distress. We understand the distress and reach the earliest after you contact us for Storm damage restoration. Our experts have advanced technology-infused tools and machinery to get rid of all the issues that you are facing in your house.

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Wet carpet extraction

Leaving carpets neglected after water damage can be dangerous as its the ideal place for the growth of moulds and bacteria. It’s necessary for professionals to handle the matter with great care . Wet a carpet must be cleaned and vacuumed to get it dry with special drying equipment in a short amount of time. Our carpet water extraction service has received great reviews in Canberra.