Equipment hire & installation

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Equipment hire & installation

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Contact Us for

Equipment hire & installation

0414959665CONTACT US

Equipment hire & installation

Equipment Hire and Installation is a booming industry that is very beneficial for every growing business in cutting down their cost and averting a lot of risks. But getting high-end equipment at an affordable rate is quite a challenge. But don’t worry Spotless got you covered. We provide premium quality equipment hire and Installation services at the best Competitive rates in Canberra. We are here to resolve any queries and issues regarding equipment at any time of the day without fail. Our high-end tools and machinery will bring the best results to your business and make it grow with time. 

We have been in this business for years now and we understand the importance of quality equipment for all industries so we never compromise with the quality of the rental equipment.

We have team members who have years of knowledge regarding equipment and are very diligent in their work leaving no grounds for regrets.


How Equipment Hire And Installation Can Benefit your Business?

Rental Equipment can be beneficial to your business in lot many ways and keep away risks in the long some of the advantages we have mentioned below:

– Cuts down your cost by a great amount as you are paying for it whenever you need it and you don’t need to pay for the maintenance, servicing, repairing, storage and other additional costs.

– You can easily opt for the upgraded version of the machinery without needing to pay any extra for it.

– You can hire the quantity of equipment you need as per your requirement and return it when you don’t need it at absolute ease.

– Also it is environment friendly and a sustainable way of running a business.


All our equipment always stays in excellent, well-maintained condition. Proper cleanliness and hygiene are always a must for our equipment.

All our equipment remains in a brand-new state and is insured and covered for any kind of minor damages.

For knowing in detail about the prices you need to contact us as the equipment is different.

It ranges from a single day to long-term periods.

All our professional team members are well-trained and will assist you in all possible ways so that you can use the equipment with ease according to your needs.